Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I finally had enough money to purchase displays & stuff for my Jewelry sales! I'm so pleased that I wanted to share!

My Velvet bracelet stand which is already full! 

A view of the Velvet neck piece displaying the Disney's Belle Necklace with matching plastic yellow beads! 

Here I'm trying to display my tower of necklaces on a metal necklace rack, two Velvet necks for necklaces, and baggies of misc jewelry and other misc jewelry unbagged! 

I've bagged up three boxes full this far of items ready to be sold! I'm excited! Here are a few recently made new items:

These are all of the pierced earrings post wise on a sheet of plastic canvas for display purposes! Many more are bagged up! We also have clip earrings for those who still don't have pierced ears! 

I'm quite pleased to have my life back in order and my craft room set up just the way I want it! If you want anything, we do special orders without question! Email: or call **Deneale and let us make "exactly" what you want and/or need! We ship anywhere! 

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