Friday, May 30, 2014

Apple Seed Necklace!

This is a necklace made from Apple seeds and then shalacked to protect it from weather, water and of course: growth. I used fishing line, thick and extra durable making the strength of the necklace strong. The necklace is long, so it can be wrapped around your head twice, and be put atop your head without needing a clasp.

The necklace is not edible. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

1 of a Kind Dallas Cowboys Crochet Blanket!

I've been working on this, secretly. I've even made instructional videos on "How to!" But my Spouse won't allow me to post them! Why? Because what I do is unique, and even difficult! I double crocheted this with a C hook, starting in March 2014 finishing in April 2014! 

Here you see my creation! I spelled "Dallas" on the top, and "Cowboys" on the bottom! But the most difficult part: the "Star!" In the middle! I had to pluck and pull the star out several times; and in all reality: I'm still unimpressed with it! But... It however, was my first attempt and I do intend to try another later! After all; I am a perfectionist! 

Here is the star, compared to my Husbands hand!

The border, showing you the Chinese fan stitch now used as a ruffle border! As well; you see the "Fan pride" yarn! 

So what do you think?