Monday, April 21, 2014

The Simple Granny Square Blanket!


The plain and simple granny square pattern blanket. Different sizes and colors. I prefer trimming them in double crochet to make them a bit more sturdy, myself. Sometimes, if a person requests, or if I'm in the mood, I will create a fancy border on it after the double crochet, but only after, because I insist it needs sturdied up. 

To buy, these are cheaper then designer, because they are simple and fast. You can supply the yarn, or pay half up front; your choice. But be specific in your color choices. Not all colors are available, as in the crayola crayon box. 

Feel free to email me with questions or concerns at, but first, enjoy the photos of my past Granny Squares below: 





My Most Unique & Prized Patterns!

These are my proudest designs and their are many more, in fact I'm working on one right now!!!!!


Here you see a seven inch heart, with the double crochet stitches! Yes within! Not on top, inside the stitches themselves, counted out.


This blanket sold for $150 to Jadon & Tyrah Cranfill of Rockledge, Florida and that was the price they chose, because they watched me make it, seen how many times I had to pull out, when I would count wrong, and everything! It says "God bless America!" It has hearts and crosses on the sides and a ruffle border!


This blanket has a special limited edition designer Eeyore within it, at the request of Lori Marie Phelps. She supplied the yarn but had to pay for the labor. This is something people can do when ordering the types and styles of blankets, it will be cheaper on them. The labor for this blanket, because of the complexity (per se) of the design, is $100.


I made each of my Children a blanket with their name & nicknames on them. This way they had a blanket made by their Mommy! 


This is the full view of the Eeyore blanket, you can see the Umbrellas on the side, and little Diamonds after the name Lori, because she is a unique diamond person! 

These blankets are made to order, when ordering them, you need to know exactly what you want them to say, and are required to put half down for deposit, because of the complexity of the design, and or spelling. I require all contact information, for questions, in case something comes up. Usually these blankets take a week, but depending on what's going on in my life, can take up to two weeks. If this is being delivered VIA mail, there will be those charges as well. Overseas orders are much higher. Any questions feel free to contact me at and at that point I can make arrangements for us to speak physically. 


My Drawings!


This drawing is of Tyrah Cranfill a neighbor where we once had lived on Georgia Ave in Rockledge, Florida.


This was (is) a drawing of my daughter Drema but everyone says it looks like me, and all I can see is my niece Anna Marie.....


This drawing is of Gods hands reaching out trying to save people from the burning wraths of Hell. 


This is for Rockledhe High School Army JROTC their Raider Battalion entering a contest for a new design, we did NOT win, didn't even come in second or third.

These drawings are drawn by my hand: Deneale K. McElhaney~Williams

Yes, I can draw from photos, or if a person is in front of me, per request, when time permits. I don't, however, do it very often. 

The Chinese Fan Stitch


This is called the Chinese fan stitch. I made this for my Sister, per request. She had seen on display on a web site I used to have for my crafts, a blanket I made with this stitch before, and fell in love with it. At that time, it was my first time doing the stitch, so it was a lot looser, plus I was only crocheting it for myself, to learn the stitch. Here, I tightened up. Also, per her request: pinks. I was and am impressed with the blanket I made for her. I believe that she is as well. It covers her entire bed nicely. 

      UpClose view of the Chinese Fan Stitch with Doble Crochet Border, times three rows! 

The Chinese fan stitch is a lot like the shell stitch, but instead has thirteen stitches within it. Between your stitches are two double crochets. The row above the fan stitch, is basic chains, and a link in the middle of the thirteen (the fan stitch) on top) to connect yourself to it. It is a slow process, but well worth it in the end, as it is quite beautiful. 

I used a D crochet hook when making this. It only took me about a week, give or take, because I crochet rather quickly. 

This is my beautiful Sister to whom I made it for, and the only picture I can find of her on my iPad.